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Hemp dish cloth is rougher and suitable for all kinds of scrubbing – without scratching the surfaces. The hemp dish cloth is made of a single layer of fabric and it dries quickly. The material is 88% hemp-cotton blend and 12% polyester. Wash in 60 C.

These dish cloths are slightly second quality. They may have print colour stains or other small flaws that do not have an effect on their usage. They may also be a little bit smaller or bigger than stated, or they might be missing the Kierti logo altogether. The design or the colour of a second quality product cannot be chosen. Instead, we will send you what we have in our storage.

Production: The material arrives in Finland as yarn and is knitted into fabric in Orivesi. Occasionally, there are fabric batches in production that have not been knitted in Finland. The fabric is hand screen printed in Porvoo where the products are also sewn and finalised.

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Hemp cotton stretch terry Hemp is an old material used in sails, ropes and other textiles that require good moisture resistance. It tolerates microbes well and dries fairly quickly. Therefore, it is suitable also for kitchen use. The hemp is a very ecological plant to cultivate. Hemp in our hemp dish cloth is of European origin. Our dish cloths have also cotton from either Central Asia or Middle East in the mix, and a small amount of polyester to give it durability.

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