Tencel dish cloth “Sydänkäpyset” tarragon

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Tencel dishcloth is the newest member of our product family. It is made of single layer finnish tencel- strech terry. It is also the largest of our dish cloth products (28 x 28 cm). This dishcloth dries up quickly although it is highly absorbent. It also stays fresh for a long time. It is suitable for heavy scrubbing also. Material is 100% tencel fabric, made of wood. Wash in 60 c degrees.

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Tencel is a tradename for lyocell-fabric manufactured in Europe. The fabric is made of cellulose (wood) manufactured by responsible forest industry. Tencel yarn is made the same way as viscose, but more ecologically. Less chemicals are used or they are either recycled or cleansed. Also less energy is used compared to when producing viscose. Tens of times less water is used compared to when producing cotton. The tencel-fabric that we use is made 100% of tencel and thus does not contain any polyester.

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Dimensions 28 × 28 cm