Tea towel “Parvi”

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“Parvi” is a Finnish word for a flock of birds.

Tea towel is of cotton-linen blend (50% / 50%) made in Europe. The material is excellent as a tea towel because it hardly accumulates lint and it becomes highly absorbent after few washes. Shrinkage in longitudinal direction is approximately 5%. Stretch the tea towel back to its original shape by stretching it in longitudinal direction after wash when it is still wet.

Production: The fabric is manufactured in Europe. The towels are cut in Aitoo and printed at the same place, partly with solar energy (calculatorily every fourth towel has been printed completely with solar energy), sewn in Pirkanmaa and finalised in Porvoo.

Design: Samuel Ottosson

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Cotton linen Our tea towel fabric is so-called half-linen, i.e. a fabric in which the warp consists of cotton yarn and the weft of linen yarn. Half-linen fabric is light and airy, highly absorbent and fairly lint-free. The fabric we use has been woven in Eastern Europe, in the old linen regions of Europe. Farming the flax plant that produces linen does not demand a lot of pesticides, irrigation or fertilisers. Furthermore, it is a very resistant fibre. For these reasons, linen is an ecological material.

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