Transparency – local production – eco-friendliness

 What is the origin of our products? Who has made them and where?

The products of Kierti are made, as far as possible, in Finland. The material for most of our fabrics is imported as yarn and knitted into fabric here in Finland. The rest of the fabrics arrive in Finland as unprinted and unsewn fabric rolls. Some of our fabrics are hand screen printed in Porvoo and others are machine-printed in Aitoo using 25% solar energy. The products are sewn either in Porvoo or Pirkanmaa, and packed and checked in Porvoo. Thus, all of our production is handled by adults. The majority of our fabrics are certified by Öko-Tex throughout their whole production chain. This ensures that the product does not have any residue left behind by harmful substances.


What is the environmental impact of the products?

Every product has an environmental impact, no matter how ecological or biodegradable it is. The production as well as the packing and the transporting of products consumes energy. Therefore, it is good for the environment to make long-lasting products and to avoid disposability. This is something we at Kierti want to invest in.

Most of our products are manufactured from plants that grow quickly and are farmed without fertilisers or pesticides, and whose environmental impact is small, for example, hemp and bamboo. Furthermore, we use traditional, durable materials such as linen.

Leftovers and recycling

In Kierti, we pay attention also to recycling and the usage of surplus material. We recycle all the waste according to the recycling instructions of our home town. Surplus material is used to make new products. We avoid using plastic in the packing of products.